Helping you to innovate

ido-data uses Internet of Things and digital technologies to support you in your digital transformation projects

Here's how we do it


Consulting and Design

  • Understanding your needs and challenges
  • Identifying uses that are sources of innovation and competitiveness
  • Identifying how digital technologies can help you shape your business



  • Creating a first solution
  • Developing, assembling and integrating existing technological tools when possible
  • We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to offer you the best solution



  • Experimenting and testing the solution together
  • Identifying quickly what needs to be improved
  • Developing the final solution
  • Preparing for production


Production and maintenance

  • Scaling up
  • Training your teams
  • Ensuring availability

Some of our achievements

GPS tracking and alert beacon

Hardware and software development: GPS alert and geolocation beacon and mobile application for tracking and receiving alerts

Security system for staff 

Installation of a private LoRa network to secure employees on the IRAM Observatory site during their extra-professional activities  

Optimal supply of first aid kits 

Suricate, a motion sensor (sigfox) placed in a medicine cabinet to ensure an optimal supply of first aid products

Serious Games Builder

Turn your training into a fun and immersive learning experience. Present your training content in an attractive way thanks to gamification



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