Consulting services

1. It's time to create!

  • We'll discuss on your ideas and projects of digital transformation
  • Identification of new ideas and uses that would allow you to save time, improve the efficiency of your processes and activities, improve the relationship with customers, innovate and make yourself stand outside the box... 
2. Prioritise

We help you rank ideas according to your expected return and innovation risk to help you make priority choices. 


Frame and formalize 1 to 3 priority projects. 

4. Action plan and budget

We will then come up with a commercial proposal for the projects on which we can bring you solutions.
This is without commitment, you are free to consult other companies. 

Free and without commitment

This consulting action is free of charge and without commitment, because we first want to make sure we can bring concrete answers and solutions to your problems.

Our goal is to create a relationship with you and your teams and get to know you better in order to propose effective actions that are compatible with your means. 



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