Our approach

Our approach is based on a partnership development model with professionals in charge of prevention, safety, rescue and first aid.

As an integrator partner and service operator, we assemble the building blocks necessary to create your solution, from the expression of your needs to the deployment and maintenance of the solution.


Your use case 

- Design Sprint (personas, user path, brainstorming...)

- IoT study (feasibility of IoT solutions applicable to your use case)  


Design and development of a 1st solution 

- Selection of the right sensor and network

- Selection of the appropriate cloud service (data storage & processing)

- Design and development of the mobile and/or web interface (UI/UX)

- If necessary, outsourcing of activities to mechanical or electronic design offices  


Testing and validation of the solution

- Validation and adjustment of the solution through user testing  


Deployment and maintenance of the solution

- Installation and commissioning of the solution on a large scale

- Training of your team to use the solution

- Maintenance of the solution

- Operate the service on your behalf  



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